The Outer Line:  Special Reports


Many recommendations have been made over the past few years about how to fix pro cycling, but too many have been vague promises or empty platitudes, lacking substantive detail or goals.  The analyses and reports below dig into these issues in more detail, and present comprehensive, specific, measurable and actionable means for truly fixing the sport.  Written in the spirit of influencing true and lasting change, these reports look from the outside in, to bring fresh perspectives and illuminate new paths to the future.

Read our joint report, written with Kristin Labonte of Breaking Limits comparing the similarities between NASCAR auto racing and professional cycling’s sponsorship models. We take a detailed look at how NASCAR’s more sophisticated and scaled-up business management systems can provide recommendations for cycling, and inform a more comprehensive sponsorship strategy that could lead to greater stability and economic success for our sport.

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The stakeholders of pro cycling should evaluate and consider the recommendations in our original 2013 Roadmap to Repair Pro Cycling – in order to halt what has too often been a race to the bottom, and instead begin to create a race to the top.  The sport has declared a “new beginning” many times before, but this time cycling has to make it stick.  Download the full Roadmap report, or a report summary below.




Read our detailed proposal for an International Pro Cycling League, or a report summary below.


Read our detailed report and scorecard on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) – and how well the organization is complying with the recommendations of the 2015 CIRC Report.


Read our independent review and analysis of the Cycliste Professionnels Associés (CPA) – the professional men’s road cycling’s athlete representation organization. We examine the legacy and historical performance of the CPA, and suggest recommendations for how the organization can become a more powerful voice for athletes’ rights and positive change in the sport.  Read our detailed report or an executive summary below.